Cancelled date

I am a really busy guy and sometimes I have to cancel a date with one of the girls at West Midland escorts. Just like other ladies they get a bit annoyed at this and I have to think of ways of getting around them. Most of the girls at West Midland escorts of are really nice and it is easy to get around them. However, they like to feel appreciated and it is always nice to say that I am sorry with small deed of gift. So, what are the best way to keep your escort happy.

Amanda is one of the girls that I see a lot of at West Midland escorts. She is a stunning blonde who really likes to look after herself. I know that she spends many long hours down at the beautician and at the gym so I do try to find her things that suits her needs. Her favorite beauty brand is an English company called Elemis and she buys a lot of their stuff. The great thing about Elemis is that you can order their stuff online. Whenever I have let Amanda down, I order her a couple of things from the Elemis range as a gift. They are delivered to her normally within 48 hours.

Maggie is another hot date that I like to meet up with at West Midland escorts. This sexy brunette is mad about flowers and plants, so on my next date I buy her flowers or a plant. I know that she likes plants that she can keep so recently I have started to buy her a lot of pot plants. I am not really that good with plants so I always have to ask the advice of the florist. In recent months I have done really well and she tells me that she loves looking after the plants that I have bought for her. They are very beautiful and she really likes it.

Elma is a new girl to West Midland escorts and I have only let her down once. I don’t know that much about her so I bought a bottle of perfume and body lotion. Both seemed to be really appreciated by Elma and I have noticed that she wears the perfume when I come around. The body lotion is nice as well and it leaves her skin really nice and soft. As a matter of fact, I think that I get a kick out of Elma’s presents as well.

It is certainly worth looking after your escorts. I actually get a kick out of looking after the girls at West Midland escorts. They say that most of their regular dates do not buy them presents but the truth is that I think that they should. It does not cost a lot to pick up some flowers or a bottle of perfume. Seeing the girl’s eyes light up really turns me on and I know that I am going to be rewarded many times over for my gifts. Maybe you should try it for yourself, it could have some unexpected results.

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